Bell Clay Planters - Set of Two

Bell Clay Planters - Set of Two


The combination of clay and fiberglass creates a planter that is both lightweight and durable. These planters mimic the look of weathered concrete planters, distressed and beautiful. We cannot control color variations, each one will have its own distinct color. Exposed air bubbles, mold lines, color blotches, and chipped edges are not defects but meant to imitate aging concrete. Protect all flooring beneath planters. Color will slightly change with age and environment. Requires liner to hold water but drainage holes can easily be drilled if desired. Truck Shipping. Set of 2 weighs ~73 pounds.

  • measures 19.5"H x 19"OD OP x 13.3"D, 1" lip -- 28.5"H x 28.4"OD OP x 20"D, 1.25" lip
  • warm concrete color
  • ships directly from Goldleaf Design Group in 3-4 weeks

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