Mareminerale by CULTI Milano

Mareminerale by CULTI Milano

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Use this wonderful scent anywhere you'd like to have the fresh, indulgent scent of the sea.  CULTI's 'Mareminerale' captures all the stimulating and oxygenating energy of the sea, diving headlong into the foam of its waves. Breathe, bathe, collect shells and driftwood as you stroll leisurely along the shore. Well-being in its purest state.
aromatics of sea, sap, and mineral musk chord
available in two forms:

  • 1000mL oversized diffuser (fragrance duration 8 months plus)

  • 100mL room spray

  • ships immedietly 

CULTI MILANO founded in 1990 by Alessandro Agrati, eclectic interior designer, who realised what a fragrance can do to characterize an environment and drew his inspiration from rattan handwork to create the first sticks diffuser: a product of new design which uses this material to release fragrance into private and public spaces.

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