Origins | Miss Universe Series

Origins | Miss Universe Series

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Visual Contrast's "Miss Universe" is a contemporary photography series exploring female identity in a larger humanistic perspective. Serene yet calamitous, the photographs evoke the fragility and power of human emotion. The centerpiece of each photo is a “MotherEarth”􏰀figure, an organism morphing into development and flowering into maturation.
Working in a bathtub filled with water, thin layers of paint are poured over a glass moulding of a human head. The photograph is captured at the precise moment when all the elements interact. The artist then builds upon the image by digitally integrating her own features onto the face. Although reminiscent of a self-portrait, the face retains its signature vacant quality. 

Gintare Bandinskaite is a Lithuanian-born visual artist. Her work primarily features women and she often experiments with self-portraiture. 

  • original photograph printed on acid-free archival paper

  • framed measures 34" x 49"

  • unframed measures 30" x 45" 

  • edition of 50

  • ships in two to three weeks 

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